Cardinal team spirit was in full force last week at Power Creative! Several members of our team went to New Orleans, which was briefly renamed “Lou Orleans” in honor of the 20,000-plus University of Louisville fans who took over the French Quarter.

While the entire city has caught a serious case of Cardinal Pride since Teddy & Company defied all odds by schooling the third-ranked Gators and won the Allstate BCS Sugar Bowl, Power scored huge points when fans fell in love with UofL’s official Sugar Bowl team poster (above) and outdoor boards. Both feature the team’s eight All-Conference Players against the backdrop of Bourbon Street, which began with a Power Creative photography session inside UofL's Trager Center and was then completed by our in-house creative team.

The poster was distributed by UofL Athletics to ticket holders, fans and alumni in Louisville and New Orleans. Louisville news station WHAS-11 captured footage of the fans snatching up copies in NOLA.

But that’s not all: We also created this “Sugar Card” poster (below), which was distributed at the team hotel to fans and alumni. Designed to look like it was made entirely of sugar, the Cardinal outline was created using fine-gauge aluminum wire, and then filled with colored sugar and a sprinkling of matching glitter to enhance the reflective quality of the sugar crystals. After a round of photography, copywriting and hand-drawn type art, the result was nothing short of spectacular.

Really, does work get any sweeter than that? GEAUX TEAM!