The Innovation Lab

Since the beginning, Power Creative has made the extra investment to stay ahead of trends. That’s why Power opened its Innovation Lab, a new home for the research and development arm of the digital marketing department.

“Fifty percent of the technology we use today didn’t exist five years ago,” said President Tim Lucas. “We recognize few agencies are better positioned for this work than Power and we’re excited to see it evolve into a growth-driver for our firm.”

Inside the lab, Power’s team of highly experienced artists and developers is focusing on the influence of early-lifecycle technologies to create never-before-seen experiences in commercial environments, trade shows and exhibits. These new technologies include gestural interfaces, multi-touch surfaces, projection mapping, augmented reality, real world analytics and live-event presentation/demos.

“Power excels at creating powerful content, and the Innovation Lab explores new places for that content to live with incredible impact,” said Jason Latta, Director of Emerging Technologies. “The vision of the future we see in movies is now possible today. We have all the technology – we just have to package it together with amazing content. And we can do that here.”

While the Innovation Lab serves as a tremendous resource for the creative minds within the agency, it also presents an opportunity to collaborate with outside organizations. One such partnership that has already formed is with Midwest Studios, an experiential marketing firm based in Indianapolis.

“Our partnership with Midwest is allowing us to use our expertise in consultation and implementation of their content. That’s something new for Power. It’s very exciting,” said Latta.

Since the mindsets of today’s brand leaders are to be perceived as early adaptors, focusing a sector of the agency on ‘what’s next?’ is not only a wise investment, but critical to Power’s strategic positioning.

“The faster we can prototype and vet the adaption potential of early-lifecycle technology, the easier it is to stay ahead of trends and bring memorable experiences to our current and future clients,” said Scott Geiser, Chief Innovation Officer.

The Innovation Lab is open to current and prospective clients and partners. Schedule a tour today »