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Mobile University – An Overview #Mobiu2011

Mobile University – An Overview #Mobiu2011

Armed with smartphones, iPads and other essentials, a Power Creative team recently hit the road for Mobile University 2011, a conference hosted by the Heartland Mobile Council in Chicago. Our goal was to discuss innovation in the mobile sector and gather insights into the behavior of the “new” mobile consumer.

We heard from many brand innovators, mobile marketers, strategists and researchers.  Among our favorites were:

Julie Ask (@JulieAsk) 
VP Marketing & Business Development, Forester

Julie gave an industry overview of current happenings in the retail mobile space.  Her expertise in mobile commerce gave insight on what to expect and how to prepare for the mobile future.  Trends included:

  • Targeted, real-time marketing within retail locations. (They can get as detailed as what aisle you are in!)
  • Retailers and Brands are selling an experience, not just a product.
  • As devices continue to become more sophisticated (multiple camera views, [need another example], etc.), marketers will leverage the technology to offer a customize experience to each consumer. 


 Edwin Wong
Director of Market Research, Yahoo!

For the first time, Edwin presented his Mobile Modes study, which took a closer look into mobile internet usage to answer the what, why, when, and how questions of behavior of mobile consumers.  Very interesting talk and a nice guy to boot!

A few takeaways from his study included:

  • “The mobile phone has evolved from a utility device to a copilot in life.”
  • 71% of users want a PC and a mobile device
  • 1/3 of mobile phone usage occurs within the home
  • #1 mobile activity is still checking email
  • 20% of all video is accessed from a mobile device


We also had the opportunity to interact with new and upcoming technologies like:

Google Wallet http://www.google.com/wallet/

Purchase retail goods using your mobile device for payment. No wallet needed!

Lockitron https://lockitron.com/

Lock and unlock your front door using your mobile device. Perfect for hotels, rentals or if you just have your hands full.

Cadillac Interactive Window

An interactive version of a retail window sticker, giving the ability to view the car in different colors in a 360-degree view and calculate payments.


Even heard the debut of “Mobile 101” from the SEO Rapper (aka, Chuck) who combines sound digital strategy with his love to rap and entertain.  http://youtu.be/jBlBSldgJOA

The team and I will do our best to post specific takeaways, experiences and insights gathered from attending the conference and speaking with our peers. So many topics to cover, so little time!