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Mobile Marketing in 2011

Mobile Marketing in 2011

Needless to say, 2010 was the year that mobile marketing went mainstream. Mobile devices are no longer just used as phones and to text, but have become a lifeline to all things digital. Rarely are we caught without our mobile device close by, if not in our hand.

As mobile device technology has become more sophisticated (including iPad and other tablets), so have user expectations. This is why to me, 2011 will truly be the year of mobile marketing done right.


2010 – What We Learned

In 2010, mobile marketers were just starting to feel their way, similar to when websites were first introduced. There were no established rules and standards, and no guide for user experience. This is no longer the case. The mobile learning curve proved to be light years faster than that of websites and are now considered mainstream.

Most mobile outlets have been experimental and not an integral part of a cohesive marketing campaign.  I suspect that will change in 2011. Now that the training wheels are off and mobile websites, apps and strategy are no longer new – the 2011 outlook is quite interesting.


2011 – What I Expect

-Mobile Strategy

Mobile will be executed as part of an integrated marketing campaign, and no longer used as an experimental, solitary marketing tool. The era of mobile experimentation with no strategy is over. Marketers are now held to higher expectations (or at least should be).

-Mobile Usage

Mobile usage will continue to increase and is expected to bypass desktop internet usage by 2014. Mobile surfing has evolved from a quick access tool, to encompass internet browsing and all access web usage.


The Android market is already an extreme area of growth as of late 2010, and will continue through 2011. Sales of android devices as well an increase in apps available in the Android marketplace are increasing at a fast pace.


Most of all, I suspect 2011 will be the year of the tablet. The market will expand, offering additional products, sizes, and updates expanding the mobile landscape further. From feature phones, to smartphones, to iPads, and additional tablets…the landscape is constantly evolving.