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"Like" it or not, Facebook has a place in the media mix

Have you seen the much-talked about film, Social Network, a.k.a. The Facebook Movie?  I did and instead of giving it the old ‘thumbs up’ we’ll rate it Facebook style and ‘like’ it.  I even tried to convince my boss that because we work in media and used Facebook as an advertising vehicle, my movie ticket was a work expense. He ‘unliked’ that idea.

We  do agree that Facebook is an incredible idea and the creators have done an excellent job of knowing when and how to promote it.  Unlike their competitors over at MySpace, FB didn’t make the mistake of inserting advertising too soon. They waited and watched it to grow both in functionality and in ‘fans’ before trying to make a dime from it. 

As a media buyer we do the same thing.  We educate ourselves and our clients about whatever ‘the next big thing’ is and then decide if it is something we all ‘like’ because it fits our strategic objective, before adding it to the media mix.

Now that Facebook has caught on (that’s an understatement) it’s proven to be very successful for advertisers. We  use it with several of our clients… a quick-service restaurant, a local bank, a private high school, and  our  non-profit clients.   Everyone can benefit from using this social media giant.  With  its targeting options and ability to capture a captive audience, it can be quite successful. Even our B2B clients are using it as a communication tool. 

The trick is in knowing how to best harness what Facebook offers and knowing what to expect when it is utilized as an advertising tool.  Facebook is a sprawling site, with multiple avenues used to engage its audience.  The critical link – currently being mined by the Facebook “like” technology – is drawing consumers away from a friend’s baby pictures to its advertisers along the right hand side of the page.  Even if they don’t ‘like’ the ad or click on it, there is value in that impression, especially on a site that serves as a “time vacuum” for its users.  This is something we preach to our clients all the time.

The newest plot twist on FB (the site not the movie) is creating brand ambassadors through Facebook. This is certainly easier when you are promoting the new Harry Potter movie or dark chocolate M&M’s….less so for a bar of soap, baking soda or a light bulb.  You hate to say it (especially to a client) but not every brand is “likable”…so the challenge becomes how to integrate Facebook into the mix?

Engagement.  Engaging with your audience, either through a TV show, a website, or a movie, is what advertisers will pay for and what your customers want.  Facebook is just the starting point.  There are so many more ways to engage with your audience and show them how to be an ambassador for your brand.

Stay tuned to learn what we will ‘like’ next.

Power Creative is sending several representatives to the AdTech Conference in New York to learn about the latest innovations in the digital landscape.  What will consumers adopt, and what will they reject?  We’ll give you a sneak peak in our next blog coming to you from AdTech.