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Google Enhancements & The E Street Band

Once you set the standard, any changes you make will be graded on a steep curve.  Is less more....or is more less?

Is Google's new attempt to streamline its offerings and play to the masses the online equivilant of a musician who pushes creative boundries with his/her art, but finds their greatest commercial success courting airplay and pumping out hits?  (Springsteen's Born In the USA comes to mind first here).

Can we compare AdWords to 3-chord rock 'n roll? 

We'll attempt to answer most of these questions in our latest "Enhanced" Power Media Blog entry

The Power Creative media team has been heavily invested in Google for many years now.  We've taken the tests, followed best practice procedures and managed to stay on top of their many updates with the help of many contacts we've worked with inside the Googleplex.  Its no stretch to say its a passion of ours, and we like digging in to the AdWords dashboard to test and tweak in hopes of improving our clients' performances.  So, when we get a call teasing the biggest changes ever to the AdWords program, we are equal parts excited...and nervous.

Which brings us to Google Enhanced AdWords...

In a nutshell, the Enhanced AdWords platform takes multiple search tactics, such as tablet, mobile, and desktop, and funnels them into one all-encompassing campaign, thus eliminating the need (or ability) for a mobile-only campaign.  This tactic is meant to lessen the burden on the advertiser from having to track multiple campaigns for a single message.  While this change will undoubtedly be appreciated by a large portion of AdWords users, and make the entire program more accessible for those just jumping in, there will be a fringe element (the early adopters, the DIYers) who may see these changes as a loss of control.  For example, with mobile now a default, those advertisers and clients who have resisted mobile will now join the same party as those who have been believers from the start. 

Is this the same feeling those folks who danced all night to "Rosalita" and "Thundercrack" had when they first heard "Dancing In The Dark"?  Is a more accessible Google a better Google?

Our early response is a tentative yes.  The changes made are creating a smarter system and better reporting.  We also know that future changes to be rolled out will only expand upon these updates.  There are still plenty of numbers to track and knobs to tweak to ensure that more effort equals better performance, which is all that those of us with years invested can ask for. 

We'll jump back to this space as we become more comfortable with our new surroundings and share any additional insights on this topic. 

In the meantime, cue up the opening chords to "Glory Days" and dive into the new Enhanced Campaign platform.  We'll find out together if this thing still rocks "like their early stuff".....