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Spring Training Exercises

What do Bill James, Billy Beane and Theo Epstein have to do with media CPPs?

A long overdue media blog, with extra mustard and relish....


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Global Exposure: Local Speed exhibits stunning images from around the world

Dan Dry, Power Creative’s Chief Visual Officer, adds to an impressive list of achievements this week with the opening of his new exhibit at Local Speed, a satellite space of the Speed Art Museum.

Presented as part of the 2013 Louisville Photo Biennial, Dan Dry: Facing the World offers an extraordinary look at people from different cultures and all walks of life. A former photographer for National Geographic, Dry has garnered more than 400 awards for his work, including the highly esteemed Pulitzer Prize. 

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A match for your dot-com: Finding the right social media platform for your business

Like Jerry Lee Lewis and Indian cuisine, some social media platforms are not for everyone. Each has its own distinct culture, audience and purpose. Sharing yet another link to a crazy cat video? Probably not going to go over well on LinkedIn. Publishing your company’s annual report on Facebook? Snoozer!

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Do-good work: Rebranding a nonprofit

Even for large corporations with sizeable budgets, rebranding involves a delicate balancing act: creating and promoting a new identity on one hand, while retaining an established customer base and communications portals on the other. And for nonprofit organizations with limited resources, the challenges are even greater.

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Breakdown of an Award Winning HIV CGChallenge

Chris Harkins of the Power Creative CGI team recently won the Autodesk Autopack Visualization contest! Read further to learn more about it and how the winning entry was made and you can view winning entry at the bottom of the post.

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Social media is one big party. Just don’t come dressed like a ninja.

Social media can be fun, rewarding and even life enhancing.

It can also be somewhat awkward.

You’re supposed to be there, or be stuck squarely in the middle of 2006. But “there” can be one of any number of platforms. Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Flickr. Google+. Instagram. The list goes on and on. 

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Google Enhancements & The E Street Band

Once you set the standard, any changes you make will be graded on a steep curve.  Is less more....or is more less?

Is Google's new attempt to streamline its offerings and play to the masses the online equivilant of a musician who pushes creative boundries with his/her art, but finds their greatest commercial success courting airplay and pumping out hits?  (Springsteen's Born In the USA comes to mind first here).

Can we compare AdWords to 3-chord rock 'n roll? 

We'll attempt to answer most of these questions in our latest "Enhanced" Power Media Blog entry

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An Introduction to Facebook Graph Search

Last month at a Facebook press event, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced the social network's latest feature, called Graph Search. Graph Search will offer users a new way to explore the social network's collection of 'likes'. Graph search works similar to a traditional search bar, but rather than typing in keywords, users are encouraged to string together series of simple phrases and categories to find results.

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No Better Time


Your email box has filled up with 37 emails before the sunrise....your Twitter feed whirls at the tempo of an early Metallica song....your annual budgets were reduced, but your metric goals have increased....your 3rd Party AdServer is speaking a different language (literally and figuratively)...

And yet, there is no better time to be in the media mix....

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Creating A Rim Light Effect Using A Normal Pass In Photoshop

Situation:  You just rendered a scene and would like to tweak the lighting a touch in Photoshop.  You think the rendered image is good but would like to give things a rim light to make it pop more.  Read more