Wearers of
many hats

(and fabulous shoes)

We are public relations. We work the room and work the lines of communication. We are the strategists, relationship builders and spin masters. Our job is to collaborate with agency departments to leverage every dollar spent. In order to get your message out to the public, we are innovative, creative and constantly striving for the best answer. It is also our responsibility to measure what we do and to know almost as much about your business as you do.

Here’s how we do the things we do:
  • Develop a plan that aligns with the client’s business and marketing imperatives.
  • Further define and refine appropriate messages and delivery channels for target markets and influencers, utilizing every opportunity to reach the right audiences in order to produce desired results.
  • Champion traditional public relations methodology with social media and other web-based opportunities.
  • Continually measure effectiveness in media relations, reputation management and bottom-line results with the most sophisticated monitoring tools on the market.